Fast 便攜式桌邊餐椅

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意大利 Inglesina Fast 便攜式桌邊餐椅適用於大部餐桌,讓寶寶與大人們一起用餐,培養自己吃飯的習慣。它外形輕巧,可方便在家中或出外時使用。舒適的靠背及內墊,確保每餐都能獲得最大的舒適度。FAST餐椅是非常實用,易於安裝,並且配上攜帶旅行提包。 適用於家庭,旅行,度假,餐廳,任何地方。托盤在食物表面周圍有深邊框,有助於將嬰兒的食物放在托盤上。 堅固耐用的厚塑料將您的物品與食物,液體和嬰兒玩具分開。 餐盤還配有方便的杯架,用於存放寶寶的飲料。


Italian brand Inglesina's Fast table chair can be used at home or travel. It is a lightweight table chair for baby to enjoy the meal with parents. Raised backrest and the generous padding ensure the utmost comfort for every meal. Fast is extremely practical, easy to install and it comes with a carry bag for easy transport. For use at home, when travelling, on holiday, at restaurants, anywhere. The tray features deep borders surrounding the eating surface to help keep your baby's food on the tray. Thick durable plastic separates your precious table from food, liquid and your baby's toys. The dining tray features also a convenient cup holder for your baby's beverage.


適用年齡: 6個月至3歲

35 x 27 x 42 cm
35 x 10 x 42 cm