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• ImseVimse的可生物降解尿墊應放置在最靠近嬰兒皮膚的尿布中,這將使更換尿布變得容易得多。 只需將其與固體便便一起提起,然後將便便放進馬桶,再將尿墊丟在垃圾桶中即可。雖然它很薄,但請記住,建議不要將尿墊沖到馬桶,以免造成負荷。

• ImseVimse’s biodegradable paper liners should be placed in the nappy closest to the babies skin. The paper liner will make changing poopy nappies a lot easier. Simply lift it out along with the solids, flush down the solids in the toilet and throw away the paper liner in the trash. Although they are very thin, we recommend against flushing down the paper liners in your toilet!

• 瑞典製造
• 數量:100張
• 尺寸:19,5×28厘米
• 材質:98%紙漿,2%聚酯纖維

• Made in Sweden
• Quantity: 100 sheets
• Size: 19,5×28 cm
• Material: 98% paper pulp, 2% polyester