FIRST YEARS 拍拍水墊 35x25cm (3m+)

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• 這款拍拍水墊,易於便攜,非常適合寶寶趴著玩
• 在透明墊表面施加壓力就會見到海洋朋友們游泳,教育寶寶了解因果關係,啟發寶寶早期學習
• 柔軟的邊框套讓寶寶探索水中活動時仍感舒適
• 邊框套柔軟、安全且可機洗
• 尺寸: 35 厘米(寬) x 25 厘米(高)
• 適合3 個月起的幼兒

Portable Water Playmat:
• Portable Water Playmat: This fabric covered water playmat is easy to transport and perfect for tummy time play
• Encourage Early Learning: The ocean friends swim when pressure is applied to the transparent mat surface, teaching baby about cause and effect
• Cute and Comfortable: The soft cover provides extra comfort as baby explores the movement of the water
• Cover: Soft, safe and machine washable
• Ideal Size for Baby: 35cm (W) x 25cm (H)
• Designed for babies from 3 months