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Netherlands Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 car seat can be accompanied from newborn to 7 years old, according to age can be rear-facing or forward facing. There are multiple adjustments of backrest and headrest in order to meet the needs of baby growth. The exclusive AirProtect (airbag on both sides of the headrest) absorbs and disperses impact, so that it can enhance its safety performance.

*This item does not apply to SF Express Self Pick Up Services.

Suitable for
/ Weight:
Newborn to 32kg (Around 7 years old)
Installation: The seat belt or Isofix interface is fixed (use Top Tether for rear-facing)
Seat belt: Prevent children from getting out of their seat belts
Let the seat belt fit the baby's small body
Absorption and dispersion shock
Prevent baby from hitting the headrest directly
Head injury rate reduced by 20%
Flextech: It absorbs and disperses shocks at any angle

Other features:

4-section headrest adjustment, 3-section tilt angle
Can be used on an airplane
Moisture wicking material allows the baby to sit comfortably
Scratch-proof and soft plastic cup holder for safety
Button design makes the seat and seat belt buckle be removed and washed easily
Safety Certification: FMVSS 213 (US Security Certification) 
Origin: Made in Thailand
Weight: 8.5 kg
Dimension: 61 x 51 x 63.5 cm
How to Clean: It is not recommended to disassemble or wash the bassinet or car seat. Any improper installation may cause damage to the stroller. The fabric may being shrink after washing. If fabric is not dried out completely will lead to breeding of germs.
It is suggested that using natural detergent to clean the stroller. Directly spray the detergent on the stroller or car seat for cleaning or sterilization.
You can also place a cushion or mat on the seat which makes it more easy to clean. 

Importance of car seat:

In case of accident, it may cause serious injury if there’s lack of protection.
Although Hong Kong does not have laws governing the use of car seats by children, many studies have pointed out that proper use of car seats can greatly reduce the probability of baby casualties. Many advanced countries such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Germany have long Implement relevant regulations to ensure baby safety.

However, there are still a lot of misunderstandings from parents when riding:

Hold a baby in your arms: In case of accident. the baby will be trapped between the adult and the front seat of the car or thrown out of the car. If seated in the front seat, the impact force of the airbag opening will cause the baby to fracture or even suffocate.

Using adult seat belts: Adult seat belts are based on adult body shape as the standard for seat belt testing. Therefore, the use of adult size seat belts for infants with inadequate heights will hamper the face and neck, and the safety function will also be insufficient.

Buying Tips:

Please consider what you need the most for a baby car seat before purchase.

For instance, weight, size, suitable age, safety group, price and so on.

Please pay attention to the car seat installation method, it can be installed by seat belt or use the Isofix.

How to decide rear-facing or forward-facing?

Since the baby's head, neck, and spine have not yet matured before the age of 1, the forward-facing car seats cannot provide protection for them. So baby before 1 year old or under 9 kilograms. It is recommended to use rear-facing car seat (i-Size standard recommeded to use from birth to 15 months).

However, different styles of car seat designs, load limits and the of use are also different, so parents must refer to the instructions for use.