Brands: Suavinex Suavinex

Couture physiological soother 4-18M+

Couture physiological soother 0-4M+

Couture physiological soother 0-4M+

Couture physiological soother 18M+

Couture physiological soother 18M+

Spanish brand Suavinex's soothers provide various choices for parents to choose, including not only materials, but also shapes and patterns. Suavinex soother was certified by Spanish Children's Dental Association for its well functionality and fashionable designs. Suavinex makes soother a fashion item, which is good choice for stylish parents.
Suitable for: 4-18 months old
Features: Round Soother:
- Assists the development of baby's jaw and upper jaw and prevents deformity
Air holes design releases pressure during sucking and avoids drool to irritate baby's skin
Certified by Spanish Children's Dental Association, the material and the shape of soother is good for baby's jaw development
Origin: Made in Spain
Teat Material: Silicon
Pacifier Shape: Round
With ring
BPA Free
Buying Tips: When choosing a pacifier, material of the pacifier is a main factor for consideration, and then would be the shape of the pacifier teat. If needed, you may also compare different design of pacifier before purchasing, such as breathable function
For material, buying licensed pacifier is better as materials they used are quaranteed BPA Free

Two common materials for pacifier teat making include silicon and latex:

Features Pros Cons



High heat resistance

High elastic



Honey Yellow

Soft, close to breast texture


Natural ingredients

Easy to damage

Attention: New latex pacifier is quite oily but it is normal, the surface of latex product usually has a light layer of natural oil which prevents decomposition during transportation and storage. Clean and sterilize before use. Do not expose latex product under sun light, UV will cause cracking of the pacifier.
There are various teat design among different brands, while usually there are 2 types of teats: Anatomical and Physiological teat.
Some babies like silicon texture and some of them like latex texture, same situation applys to teat design. If baby reject the pacifier, just try another type.