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【Fixed-Price】Mosquito repellent softener 【Long-lasting mosquito repellent / patented formula / hypoallergenic】

Baby Laundry Soap

Baby Laundry Soap

【Fixed-Price】Mites & Bed bugs repellent softener

【Fixed-Price】Mites & Bed bugs repellent softener


MOSPRO Mosquito repellent softener is WHO recommends effective mosquito repellent ingredients, Hong Kong patented scientific research technology, effective mosquito repellent up to 90%, does not contain diethyltoluamide, the effect can last for 30 days, can be used for clothing, bed sheets, pillow bags, bedding, curtains and go o Sets, etc., suitable for children and adults over 6 months old, hypoallergenic, non-irritating.

* Experimental results of the University of New Mexico

**Safety and sensitivity testing in accordance with OECD cosmetic grade

Main ingredients: Permethrin ... 1% Transfluthrin ... 0.5%
Other: Proprietary ingredients ... 98.5%

Machine wash: add MOSPRO Mosquito repellent softener or pour into the compartment before the final rinse
Hand wash: After washing the clothes, add an appropriate amount of softener to the clean water according to the dosage instructions, soak for 3-5 minutes, without washing again, directly dry.

Machine wash: 1 bottle cap (80ml) softener is enough for 5-7kg clothes, or 52 litres water capacity
Hand wash: 1/2 bottle cap (40ml) softener is enough for 10-15 pieces of clothing, or 4L water capacity

* Do not pour the softener directly on the clothing, shake it well before use, and use it according to the clothing label
* Avoid using materials that do not recommend the use of softeners, so as not to damage the material's functional coating